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Artikelnummer: BS1006254
(28 Kundenbewertungen)

From: CHF45.80

From: CHF45.80
92.86% der Käufer gaben mehr als 4 Sterne an.
  • Das Teesieb von Stntus ist aus Edelstahl 304 und kann die Gesundheit Ihrer Familie gewährleisten. Es kann die Stücke filtern (wie aromatische Früchte, Kräuter, Teeblätter oder Teebeutel). Das Teesieb ist leicht abnehmbar und erleichtert das Spülen und Reinigen.
  • Hohe Qualität und vielseitig verwendbar: Die Teekanne von Stntus ist aus Borosilikatglas gefertigt und hält sofortigen Temperaturschwankungen in einem Bereich von -20 °C bis 150 °C stand. Es ist sehr stark und langlebig. Sein Fassungsvermögen von 1200 ml bietet Platz für fünf bis sechs Tassen Tee, die für eine Familie geeignet sind, um zusammen Tee zu geniessen.
  • Praktisch zu verwenden: Die Teekanne von Stntus kann im Herd und im Gas offenen Feuer verwendet werden. Sie können auch heisses oder kochendes Wasser über die Blätter in der Teekanne direkt giessen.
  • Ergonomischer Griff und präzise Skalenlinie: Die Teekanne von STNTUS hat einen ergonomischen Griff, der für einen festen Halt beim Halten der Kanne sorgt. Verbrennungen passieren nicht, wenn heisses Wasser aus der Teekanne gegossen wird. Diese Glas-Teekanne hat auch eine exakte Skalenlinie, so dass Sie Ihren Tee nach Ihren Bedürfnissen zubereiten können. Und es hat die höchste und niedrigste Wasserstand-Linie, die sicherstellen kann, dass das Wasser beim Kochen nicht überläuft oder trocken wird.
  • Tolles Geschenk: Die Teekanne von STNTUS wird in exquisiter Geschenkbox geliefert, die ein perfektes Geschenk für Ihre Familie und Freunde ist. (wie Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Weihnachten).


STNTUS Teekanne

STNTUS Teekanne besteht aus hochwertigem Material, das sicher, langlebig, korrosionsbeständig und nicht umweltschädlich ist. Seine hohe Festigkeit und reine Transparenz können Ihrem Haus Eleganz und eine erfrischende Note verleihen.

Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach einer perfekten Teekanne sind, um Ihren High Tea mit Ihren Freunden und Ihrer Familie zu geniessen, ist die STNTUS Glas Teekanne eine gute Wahl!



Intelligentes Design und hohe Qualität

Die STNTUS Glas-Teekanne aus hitzebeständigem Borosilikatglas, speziell entwickelt mit tropffreiem Ausguss und perfektem ergonomischen Griff für festen Halt.



304 Edelstahl

Die STNTUS Teekanne aus Glas besteht aus Edelstahl 304 und kann die Gesundheit Ihrer Familie gewährleisten. Es kann die Stücke (wie würzige Früchte, Kräuter, Teeblätter oder Teebeutel) filtern und leicht abnehmen, ausspülen und reinigen.

High Tea mit Familie & Freunden


High Tea mit Familie & Freunden

Die STNTUS Glas-Teekanne hat ein grosses Fassungsvermögen von 800 ml, sie fasst mindestens 3 Tassen Tee. Sie können Ihren schönen Nachmittag mit Ihrer Familie und Ihren Freunden bei warmem Tee und leckerem Essen verbringen.

Produktspezifikationen und Packungsinhalt

Abmessung: 8,11 × 4,96 × 5 Zoll

Kapazität: 27 OZ/ 800 ML

Material: Teekanne aus Borosilikatglas + Edelstahl Sieb

Paket Inhalt:

STNTUS Teekanne

Anleitung zum Teeempfang



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  1. RONNIE123

    I love this teapot, just the right size for tea for two or three.


  2. ayham

    Es ist gut und schön, der einzige Grund, warum ich 4 Sterne gebe, ist, dass nach 3 Wäschen die Farbe auf der Bucht weg ist…


  3. Beate

    Very good product, the only problem is its size which is small. I wish it was a bit bigger size.


  4. Bestseller-Shop Customer

    Tolle Teekanne. So viel einfacher zu reinigen/Blätter/Beutel loswerden und es hat einen großen Guss darauf. Denn eine Glasteekanne hält den Tee auch wärmer als Sie denken. Das Einzige, worauf Sie achten müssen, ist, dass es einen sehr heißen Boden und die Seiten bekommt und vorsichtig behandelt werden muss. Wirklich toller Kauf und ich trinke mehr Tee als je zuvor.

    Bestseller-Shop Customer

  5. Vic

    Cute little teapot. The measurement markings go up to 750ml, although you could squeeze in an extra 50ml, I wouldn’t recommend it. The strainer you put the tea leaves in is big enough and reaches close to the bottom of the pot.


  6. Jack M.

    Das ist eine sehr gute Teekanne. Es gießt sehr gut, ohne zu tropfen oder zu verschmutzen, und es ist sehr geräumig. Eines der größten Dinge, die ich in dieser Teekanne wollte, war die Einsatzgröße, und auch das wurde geliefert. Es bietet ausreichend Platz für fast jede Menge Teeblätter, um sich auszudehnen.

    Meine größte Kritik an diesem Produkt sind die Indikatormarkierungen. Diese befinden sich nur auf einer Seite der Teekanne, was sie für Linkshänder zu einem unbequemen Produkt macht.

    Jack M.

  7. Steve

    Bought to replace a similar item that the wife smashed after two years of use. This one appears to be slightly thicker glass and has a much better designed squarish handle making it easier to use and does not seem to get overly hot to touch. Pours well with no drips. Tip for cleaning the pot and strainer when it becomes clogged is to pop a dishwasher tablet in it and top up with hot water. Leave for an hour and its sparkling clean again.


  8. Alexandra

    In theory you could put 1200ml in it, although the max recommend amount is 900ml. A bit misleading and it was definitely a marketing stunt, but it’s not that bad. I expected it to be a bit more sturdy and heavy – it feels a bit too thin and I’m scared I will break it. So far it worked fine.


  9. Nicola

    Schöne Glaskanne, gute Größe, allerdings lässt dich der Hals schlecht reinigen. Kanne tropft nicht


  10. vlxrider

    A lovely smooth finish and easy to use.I have arthritis problems in my hands and found this easy to hold without pain. It’s also easy to flip up the lid with your thumb when pouring, to avoid the spout dribbling everywhere. I also found the teapot stayed warm for at least an hour when I used boiling water.The mesh inside is smooth to the touch and I was impressed as there were no rough or sharp bits sticking out anywhere, even on joins. It’s also a very fine mesh, so able to hold a large variety of leaves/herbs/spices.Overall a lovely teapot that’s easy to use, very easy to clean and finished to a good standard. I’m so pleased I made this choice as there seems to be so many to choose from. I love it.


  11. janey

    I have to say this is the best teapot for pouring that I have ever had in my life and I’ve had a few teapots still haven’t used it on the gas hob but can see that it would be okay going to buy another one for the spare that’s so good the pour it is


  12.  purchaser

    I love this teapot, I had some problem with cleaning but a little varnish powder from time to time and all residue is out ! also we really do not like cold tea and this is excellent to reheat all left and also the smell in the house is very refreshing. very pleased.


  13. dmitrydmitry


  14. Mr Neil 

    Been through a few teapots in my time and everyone seemed to have the same problem, more tea on the floor than in the cup due t the spout.This one just works, as i like my tea builder strength being able to stick it on the hob to keep warn while it stews is an added bonus.Not sure about the markings on the pot as it state 1200ml which is the correct capacity but then there is a line that says 900ml max

    Mr Neil 

  15. Royal

    Schön und praktisch.


  16. J Engum

    Highly recommend, excellent value for money. Even comes with a little recipe booklet for inspiration teas. Absolutely love this and has been heavily used since it’s arrival. Thank you so much 🤩

    J Engum

  17. Roy J.

    Having used ordinary tea bags for several years , the return to loose leaf tea is a revelation. This teapot is well designed such that the leaves are contained and do not pour out with the tea. The glass pot is attractively designed, easy to use and the spout does not drip. It is worth buying a good quality strong tea if you enjoy a traditional cuppa. Good product.

    Roy J.

  18. Julie 

    Love this little kettle. I usually heat my water in my electric kettle and steep everything in this one for my friends to come round. It holds a solid large 3 cups of tea for us and the flavour is great. It’s easy to clean up afterwards, doesn’t spill easy and feels quite durable for being all glass. If you’re experiencing bad steep or weird flavour – give your basket a good rinse and try to use a bit less loose leaf tea so the water can get in around all the leaves as it’s steeping.


  19. Daniel 

    This teapot is constructed of an attractive and seamless design and the max marking allows for 3 decent-sized mugs of tea. It pours very well without any dripping or leaking and cleaning is easy owing to the fully removable lid/infuser assembly.Can’t really think of anything bad. You do need to be a little gentle opening the lid to avoid it popping out, but it isn’t a problem. Good standard of product for a fair price.


  20. Ramona 

    Nice sized tea pot at 1200 ml, love the shape as it looks traditional and the spout does not leak when pouring. Personally I’m not a big fan of the strainer as I find it difficult to clean so I prefer to use a tea filter, however, it is fine mesh and does not leave a lot of residue at bottom of the tea pot as many do. It also arrived nicely packaged and with a booklet with ideas for different teas. Would definitely recommend this item.


  21. Guisbrough 

    I maybe a little old fashioned but I’ve always preferred loose leaf tea as supposed to using teabags but I always find that using a normal teapot & tea strainer leaves always seems to make their way into the cup.Since using this great little teapot I haven’t had this problem.When making a pot I find that (using a proper tea measuring spoon) you can get a great cuppa with six spoonfuls of tea for each maximum level of water & let it brew for about three/three & a half minutes then take leaves out.Then when the pot is finished add two more spoonfuls of tea to the leaves you’ve already used, place back into the pot, add water to the maximum line & let it brew for about five/five & a half minutes for another perfect pot of tea.The only problem I have really is the maximum line for the water is only halfway up the pot. This allows the tea to cool quicker.Other than that, it’s great 👍


  22. Dakini

    This is a well made,cracking teapot! Initially,I thought the lid a bit flimsy but clamping it onto glass,you need a lighter lid.I love the level marks and the fact that the straining basket is small makes it possible to make a larger volume of tea if needed which I couldn’t do with my previous glass,same sized teapot because the strainer was much bigger,taking up much more room.Thanks,a great product🙏


  23. D. Blincow

    This is a good little glass teapot especially for loose tea leaves. It poures very well too and holds enough tea for two plus cups. The lid and filter can be removed for cleaning but cleaning the curved spout can be a challenge needing a pull-through or similar.

    D. Blincow

  24. Mina 

    This little teapot looks delicate, especially the hinged lid, so care is required. I’m ok with that, as It reminds me to be mindful. I really like the shape. It has a nice broad base, a good handle and an excellent, long, slim non drip spout. I keep it under a thick cozy, so it stays warm for a long time and safe from knocks. It seems to delight me each time I uncover it to experience the lovely way it pours. I’m very happy with it.


  25. priceychick

    This teapot is the perfect size for me when I am working from home. It makes x2 large mugs which saves me having to get up as often for my fix! The tea stays warm, and I clean immediately after use to keep it looking new. Highly recommend this product for fellow tea lovers!


  26. Meita

    I would like it bigger, but it’s still good. We drink herbal tea, now it’s easy to make- even small parts doesn’t get into drink. Looks gorgeous. Easy to pour+ lud stays on its place. I used to have some teapots that lid fells off when I pour a drink. Easy to clean.


  27. An enthusiast

    I bought this teapot with not so much expectation.On first glance, its contours are stunning and its decent size – with markings of cups or mls on one side of the teapot – lends well to the purpose of the purchase to serve a couple of tea lovers with a bit more than a mug in the late evening. Using any tea leaves, the strainer works very well to retain all the leaves and tiny tea powder without dirtying the tea.The pouring works very well with no spillage whatsoever.The pot is very easy to clean: wash in soapy water and rinse through. It is dishwasher safe too although I would rather not risk staining the glass pot with all the chemicals that a dishwasher throws at the crockery.What I have not tried is to heat up the pot on a stove, which is an added bonus. I am slightly anxious about breaking the glass breaking even though the manufacturer states that the glass is resistant up to a temperature of 150C.Overall, dainty little pot which should last us years!

    An enthusiast

  28. Mercury

    Best teapot ever designed. EVERYTHING works a treat. The perfect ‘pour’ without any drips, drops, or leaks. I am a tea snob and give this one the thumbs up. Looking forward to my pot of tea every morning. The filter works well, even though the ring has come off. I can still use it well.



800ml, 1200ml


‎19.6 x 16.7 x 16.1 cm; 590 Gramm



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